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What do you get additional in a smart devices? You will be offered portable size with extra features, app store and Wi-Fi connectivity! Just like smartphones, smart TVs do have computer-like versatility that differentiates them from their non-smart counterparts. Which means that any device that features a computer like versatility is known as the smart device.

But have you ever heard of such a thing like a smart projector? If you haven’t then no worries anymore here we will be sharing all about smart projectors and also why you would need them.


The expression “smart” isn’t only an advertising trick. As it alludes to the class of projector that has its own interface, working framework, and applications as well as a  Wi-Fi availability. If you connect them to a PC, cell phone, or tablet however it rather depends on its computer system inside it. It features its own OS through which you can download apps, videos or anything that is needed.

Smart features in a projector allow you to perform extra things that include making calls, watching movies and TV shows, downloading apps. Besides this, it comes with an extra feature of wireless connectivity, streaming services and additional inputs galore. Smart projectors make it simpler to streamline Netflix without connecting Roku or Amazon Fire TV sticks into your HDMI Port. Smart projectors with Bluetooth connectivity minimizes the need for extra cables.


Sooner or later we would however need it! If HDTVs can replace the conventional TVs then why not smart projectors. With advanced features they have become a leading device for businesses, modern institutions and households. With simple yet highly useful features and reduced size you can even connect them wirelessly. Below we have shared the impeccable features of smart projectors.

Built In Operating System

A smart projector comes with a built-in operating system that you can work with using the on-board interface screen or the projection image itself since it can serve as its own PC screen as well. Like Windows, iOS, or Android, the working framework’s abilities can be extended utilizing various versatile applications accessible for download on the Internet. It resembles having a PC inside your projector so you don’t need to associate a PC to it.

WIFI Connectivity

Smart projector do come with internet connectivity. This is significant in light of the fact that without being able to download or buy applications on App Stores and communicate remotely one can’t claim to have said a smart projector. The Internet also makes them capable enough to stream movies and TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney.

Built In Speakers

Built-in speakers allow you to play movies without connecting additional speakers! This feature gives you an amazing experience especially when you have a mini smart projector. It gives you more of a smart phone feel. Having a built-in speaker in a smart projector allows you to do your work instantly when you don’t have additional speakers on the spot.

Connectivity Applications

Just like other smart devices out there, smart projectors can be connected with other smart devices wirelessly. Whether you want to connect your projector with a smartphone, smart TV, computer or anything else you can do it using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even with other wireless technologies.

Gaming Compatibility

Smart projectors considered thriving devices  with regards to video gaming. Why? It has the compatibility to communicate with your gaming console. You can twofold your sound yield with its premium speakers. It can work inseparably with your gaming console like a HDTV instead of a computer screen with an HDMI connection precisely in light of the fact that it has an on-board PC that connects up with the control center also.

Video Compatibility

Just like in smart phones and computers now your smart projectors allow you to video call anyone on your contacts. You can video call anyone using your smartphone connectivity option by using an available Wi Fi connectivity.

Home Security System

If you have a smart projector it can also handle all of your home security systems. Just like the smartphone and HDTV that help you in monitoring your doorbell camera and home security cameras, you can also get help from your projector to get some live feed. Some smart projectors are compatible with amazon products like Alexa.


If you can afford a smart projector then we will suggest you buy one . This is because  it has become quite hassle free to operate a smart projector especially when comparing them with the conventional projectors. Besides this, a couple of other applications like internet connectivity, live streaming & portability have made them versatile in nature. Moreover, you don’t have to spend extra bucks in order to purchase Roku and Fire TV Stick to Watch your favorite shows on Netflix.


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