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Whether you want to make a comfy home theater for movie nights, or you have to present multimedia presentations for your work, projectors will do nicely. There are several options out in the market available on reachable price ranges, all claiming to provide the best. But there are other performance factors to keep in mind, so you don’t make an ill bargain.

What’s a Projector?

Its function is like an inverted camera; instead of receiving light in its lens, it spits light out to project it on a screen much more massive than TV screens or computer monitors. They carry the benefit of portability and easier installation compared to TVs and computers.

They come in four categories:

  1. ‘pico’ (Pocket projector)
  2. Home theater projector
  3. Multimedia projector
  4. Fixed installation, large venue projector

This article will be covering 6 top questions you need to know before buying a projector.
Listed below are some of the common questions that arise in people’s minds before buying a projector. If you do not know much about projectors and their functioning, read the answers below!

projector behind your screen

Point One of the Tripod Legs Towards the Subject?

Rear projection is mostly not possible as it depends on the material of the screen. Screens used for front projections are made out of a matt white lining, and so often, their design does not allow light to penetrate from the back; such opaque material is used.

The reason is that screens are typically installed on windows, and to block the light from the rear, the screen is designed not to let any light sources affect the projection from the front. However, there are separate screens designed for rear projection as well as front projection.

Their semi-translucent screen material/fabric and grey tone make rear projection possible alongside front projection. So if your space demands putting a project behind the screen, you should consider buying one with this added feature for your future convenience.

3D movies on my projector

Can I Play 3d Movies on My Projector?

For movies or any content in 3D, such as business models or educational presentations in 3D, projectors nowadays are equipped with the leading-edge feature of 3D projection.

However, most projectors claim to be 3D-ready, but in most cases, it represents the feature ‘DPL link,’ which works only with software and select computer graphics cards. At the same time, Home theater projectors offer 3D features such as HDMI 3D support to be used with Blu-ray players. So conclusively, Home theater projectors can play movies in the 3D feature.

see a projector in the daylight

Can You See a Projector in the Daylight?

The amount of ambient light will affect the visibility of the image projected. If the projection is not bright enough to be viewed with clarity, then the other specs are just as useless. Typically, projectors have this first problem of the image being affected by ambient light and only work the best in total darkness, which is not always possible.

However bright a projector may be, it is never bright enough to portray full clarity in daylight. Projector brightness is measured in ANSI lumens, called lumens. For usage in daylight, lumens’ estimated requirement is roughly between 3000 to 5000 lumens, which will be most suitable for environments with more daylight-like lecture halls or larger venues.

So if you want a projector bright enough to be handy during daylight hours, look for the lumens range provided, and that will do.

watch TV on a projector

Is It Possible to Watch TV on a Projector?

It’s entirely possible to watch TV on your projector. Connecting devices to a projector is not a challenge, and neither is the setup any harder. You only have to substitute the projector for the TV, since the output/input connection is the same on the back. So that would not be much of an issue.

Devices that you can easily connect with the projector include Satellite receiver box, games console, cable box, DV/Blu-ray player, streaming box (Apple TV or android box), VCR, etc. The only limitation can be that live TV cannot be watched on the projector if you are receiving a signal directly from your TV.

If your TV has an already built in the HD satellite receiver, it does not come with a satellite or cable box so directly connecting your TV will not give you the live TV function. Otherwise, you won’t have a problem.

projector do I need for a home theater

What Kind of Projector Do I Need for a Home Theater?

The excellent home theater projectors focus mainly on the feature of image quality. The brightness levels are not as high, mostly 1800 lumens, on average, since there is more scope for dimming the lights at home than other professional spaces.

They usually have the most zoom in comparison to any other projector type inclusive of built-in lenses. Most of them feature full HD quality, and some also carry 4K quality. Here it would be best if you looked out for some brands which can often label restyled multimedia projectors as home theater ones. You can detect this by noticing the specs of lumen ratings more than 3000 and the zoom feature less than 2x.

I buy a projector

Where Can I Buy a Projector?

You can buy affordable projectors online or in the supermarket’s appliances section. Online options can be Shopify, a prominent online store that works worldwide and is mostly known for cheaper products.

Other than that, Amazon is the most renowned online store, but the shipping is not available worldwide. Otherwise, there are a lot of well-reviewed projectors for sale every day for you to shop. Electronic stores are equipped with the latest and best qualities and varieties for your choice so you can browse your nearest electronic store on google and pay a visit whenever you are decided on buying one.


Projectors are mainly used for the professional world, but they give a whole new experience for those who want to transform their room into a theater and enjoy a splendid movie experience or games from your couch. Educationally and in businesses, projectors have taken over and are very handy due to being portable and flexible in installation.


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