We all know how powerful and continent vacuum cleaners are but it’s true you can’t clean your electronics with it. But wait, hold that thought IT Dusters have something in store for YOU. Their CompuCleaner is a perfect gadget for cleaning sensitive electronics, hardware, and household items which may be difficult to clean conventionally or hard to reach.



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The air jet is designed to remove even the most stubborn-est dust and debris from places you never know existed, despite being a powerful gadget this device is gentle on delicate components as well as this cleaner cleans with the air. And hey, it’s lightweight and ergonomically design enables maximum maneuverability for the best cleaning results. So stop being lazy, save your money and protect your gadgets right away, because IT Dusters have left you with no excuse.




  • Plug and play
  • Comes with 3 nozzles
  • Powerful airflow
  • Lightweight and robust design
  • 1-year manufacturers guarantee


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