Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit

Self defense is perhaps the best skill one needs to have. You can be a black belt in martial arts or a fitness guru but if you are not prepared you can fail. You can protect your family and home while ensuring that you don’t cause a lot of damage with this non-lethal Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit

Here’s what makes it special:
1. ALL IN ONE KIT – Each SALT self defense kit includes 1 pepper spray gun, 10 pepper spray rounds, 10 practice rounds, 1 magazine (7-round), 1 lockable case (lock not included), 1 easy to follow user manual. (12 gram, non-threaded CO2 not included)
2. LONG DISTANCE FOR YOUR PROTECTION – 150+ feet and 21 shots of proven range vs. 6-10 feet for normal pepper spray.
3. MILITARY STRENGTH – Proven safe and effective by agencies including the U.S. Military, State police and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
4. MOST RELIABLE – Our military strength pepper spray has a 5-year shelf life (more than double the industry standard).
5. EASY TO USE – No violent kick or loud bang when fired. Can be loaded ready to use indefinitely, so when you’re in need, SALT is ready.

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