Protect yourself from Corona Virus with the highly recommended Dust Mask value pack

With the latest outbreak of Corona Virus, it has become mandatory in many countries to wear masks when in public. While, there has been few detected cases of Corona in Australia it is still strongly advised by the to keep yourself safe in crowded places by wearing face masks. Among many masks available in the market, you should definitely consider looking at this pack. Lightweight & comfortable to wear, the mask filters out 95 percent of pollutants, keeping you safe not just from Corona but other flu viruses as well includes bird flu, swine flu and more. Suitable to be worn by individuals of all ages, the mask is easily washable and reusable, making it a one-time purchase that will last you for years even if you wear it daily.

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Some major features include:

99.9% protection from all respiratory viruses
Made from breathable, washable material
Easy to fit, easy to wear
Complete coverage of nose and mouth,
giving full protection
Nano technology equipped with dust-free air filter
Easy to wash & reuse.

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