ALL-Terrain Sound Rugged Bluetooth Speaker, Rugged Outdoor Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Black

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Here’s a little something for the outdoors. An amazing, fully sustainable and rugged Bluetooth speaker to be your companion while you’re out in the wilderness,relaxing on the beach or just plain chilling in your backyard!

Here’s what makes it special:
1. WATERPROOF – This Portable Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof it can be fully submerged in water, and you can rest assure your speaker will be safe and sound.
2. PORTABLE – This Portable Outdoor Speaker has an industrial strength clip that allows you to clip and go paddleboarding, rock climbing, biking; ATS can go anywhere the adventure takes you
3. DURABLE – This Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is built for the outdoors and can withstand drops up to 10+ feet on concrete making it extremely durable.
4. EXTENDED BATTERY – 14 hours of continuous play, so when you are out and about on your outdoor adventures you have to accompany you the perfect rugged bluetooth speaker, bringing with you the vibrations of your music bouncing off of the nature you are submerging yourself in.
5. BLUETOOTH – This Bluetooth (4.0) speaker has impeccable sound quality, is rechargeable via micro USB, and has 12-14 hours of battery life.

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