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Does your projector support a 3D mechanism? If not, then your order is probably going to be long gone!

If you have a normal projector that doesn’t have the hardware to pick 3D signals, you must buy a few additional things. This is because your standard projector can’t interpret 3D image data.

Here we will be sharing everything that you should know about playing 3D movies at home using a home theatre. Thereby you need to pick a 3D supportive projector for this. So without wasting your further minutes, let’s get into it!


To understand the difference profoundly, you have first to understand what a 3D is all about! 3D projectors are made to display 2D images, whereas a standard 2D projector can’t display 3D images.

Our brain interprets 2D images into a 3D that requires your eyes to be 6mm apart from the viewpoint. Thereby a visual cortex in a human brain then interprets 2 separate images into a 3-dimensional image.

When mapping the 3D image, a projector projects it on a flat surface using a wall or screens. To filter the image polarity, 3D classes in progress also enable you to view the images correctly. This is how you get a depth in a visual experience that you can’t get views from a standard projector.

While comparing 2D with 3D, you can’t expect to have numerous types of stereoscopic 3D transmission using a 2D projector. This is because the 3D video source sends a signal to two feeds for both left and the right eyes.

These formats come in 4 types:

  • Frame Packing
  • Frame Sequential
  • Checkerboard
  • Side-By-Side

Based on their transmission setups, 3D projectors are further divided into two categories!

  • 3D Ready Projectors
  • Full 3D Projectors


3D-Ready Projectors come with a lower price tag when comparing them with Full 3D projectors, yet the expense is lower on purpose. The vast majority who purchase 3D- Ready projectors are frequently disillusioned to find that they can’t give them the 3D experience they were searching for.

3D-Ready projectors are the most fundamental sort of 3D projectors, as they are intended to deal with just one type of 3D information transmission that is the frame Sequential. This is perhaps the most straightforward sort of 3D. Unfortunately, 3D-Ready projectors are unequipped for projecting 3D substance from most home theatre setups, for example, set-top boxes or Blu-ray 3D players.

This means that buying a 3D-Ready projector would require additional hardware to control the shutters when wearing 3D glasses.


Full-3D Projectors are designed to handle all types of transmission formats. Besides this, you will also find them compatible with multiple devices. In case if you want to buy a 3D-Projector, then you must look for a Full-3D projector. But you need to learn about them before placing an order!


One can not underestimate the benefits of watching a movie on a 3D projector. It gives you an in-depth image & makes it a more realistic experience.

The 3D addition can turn complicated engineering projects into an interesting and understandable audience regarding educational purposes. Besides this, the images produced via 3D come with superior resolution and great quality when comparing them with a standard projector.

3D projectors enable you to enlarge images on your screen. Yet, that is not all. Since 3D projectors mirror light instead of emanating it, their pictures are more smoothing and comfortable to see, which diminishes eye fatigue.

Something else you will cherish about 3D projectors is their smaller size, which permits you to amplify space. Their minimal size additionally makes them simple to haul around.


  • Check the projector’s ambient light to balance the brightness.
  • Search for projector’s throw ratio
  • Connect the projector with 3D devices like Blu-ray or set-box.
  • Keep your projector on a flat surface and balance your screen in perpendicular shape to avoid any distortion.
  • To fix the image on a screen, manipulate your zoom function.
  • Make sure that your projector is connected to the sound system.
  • Now wear your 3D glasses to enjoy the visuals that you have never experienced before.


If you want to enjoy movies at home, then having a 3D projector can get you experience to die for! If you are ready to spend bucks on the right device, you must go for a 3D setup. If you don’t have a 3D projector, you can also connect your 3D TV with a disc player. Share your 3D experience with us in the comment section given below.


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