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Have you lost your laptop somewhere on a trip, or has it been stolen? You may find it if you follow these steps!

A laptop is the second most crucial device after smartphones. Despite being expensive, it holds your data that is even more important than the laptop itself. Hence losing a laptop can put you in trouble!

Leading laptop brands Microsoft and Apple have some stunning features in their operating system to help you find your device. However, we can’t guarantee you, but somehow, you can fight to get it back! And it does work too!


It is a piece of advice for everyone to save your serial of every device that you have. Some precautionary measures can minimize the hassle for you when you have struck a problem. Your service provider can recognize your device serial numbers, and if you seek their help, they can identify the device.

Some manufacturer has customer support services, and they also have access to your serial number or can involve the police as they use the information to support their findings. 


If you own a Microsoft device, then chances are you probably find it with the help of a feature find my device that Microsoft introduced back in 2015. The purpose of this feature is to locate your device when you have lost it somewhere. But only if the feature is enabled in your system! My default is turned off, and if that feature is on in your device, you find the approximate location of your laptop. 

The following steps will help you find it!

  • Visit the Microsoft website and log in with your Microsoft account. 
  • It will show up with a list of devices, locate your device and click on find my device option.
  • Microsoft will search for your laptop to roughly count where the device is located. 
  • If you want to secure your device, you can click on the lock button. 


Apple introduces its feature find my Mac in MacBook, MacBook Air, or Macbook Pro. The feature has a similar function, like find my device in Windows 10. 

  • Like the Windows 10 feature, it also requires to be enabled before stolen, and if the device is enabled, you can easily track it down. It also comes with a feature to lock it strictly and send message to them who has your device. 
  • When it comes to Mac, the addresses used for devices are specified, and there is a process called MAC address filtering that puts restrictions on strangers in accessing your device. 
  • If you have lost your Mac, inform the administration that the device is no longer in your use. This is how they can track it through the connection source. 



The tracking is not just limited to Macbook and Windows10; there are certain apps that you can use to track your lost or stolen laptop. However, many of us don’t know it, but you can keep monitoring your laptop using those valuable apps. 

The IP or internet protocol is nothing less than your internet identity, and it’s always essential to protect your IP if you want a smooth recovery of your laptop. A tech-savvy may have an idea of how important it is for you to protect your IP address. 

The most widely used method to track your laptop is your IP address! You can log in from a recently used site while using someone else pc. If your laptop is on the and the dropbox will synchronize automatically. If the internet has access, Gmail will receive a notification. 

You can scroll down the browser to reach out to the information icon where the most recent activity column is; here, you can select your device. 

Through Gmail

Gmail is significantly helpful in this regard; it sends you alerts about new logins and the location of the suspicious activity. In the case of popups, start from the last known location point. 

  • Gmail can be used effectively, log in to your Gmail site from any device now, scroll till the end and find a details option in the end. 
  • While clicking on it, you will find all the recent activities through this account. While clicking on the show details, you can copy the IP address or other information.

 Although it won’t give you the exact location, you can know the city or, most importantly, the rad where the device is functioning. 

Wrap Up

This detailed article mentions how you could use serial  number, IP and devices tracking system to track your stolen or lost laptops. Although it’s pretty impossible to knock on each door to find your device in some cases where you have forgotten your laptop somewhere, you can get an idea of where the device is to get it back. Let us know if you have any queries in the comment box below.


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