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Have you played PS4 on a laptop without having a remote play? 

Sony recently has announced that Windows 10 integrates the feature of remote play, allowing users to play PS4 in the absence of a physical gaming console. However, it does require a good speed wifi connection with at least 15mbps when it comes to downloading the speed. 

In case of any issue! The second option is a capture card that enables you to play PS4 on your laptop when you don’t have a remote play. But the question is, how is it possible? Well, that’s very simple, when you allow the process, it turns your laptop monitor into a PS4 monitor.

Here we have brought you a guide in a straightforward method to let you guide through the process. Are you read? Let’s dive into how to play ps4 on a laptop without remote play.


As we have mentioned earlier, you can turn your laptop monitor into a ps4 monitor remote play. When it comes to the Macbook and windows laptop, you require an HDMI encoder to turn their monitor into ps4 monitor. But here also comes a drawback in the form of visual quality that reduces after shifting your laptop screen into PS4.

For those who don’t want to compromise over image quality, a capture card can be another best option. Capture cards can be used on a laptop that comes with a USB-C port. It required to connect with a USB-A cable compatible with USB 3.0; otherwise, you won’t be able to connect the capture card if your laptop doesn’t have it. 


It’s trending on the internet, many looking for a guide to help them in converting their laptop screens to work as a remote play. Keep patience; we will guide you thoroughly but before, make sure that you have all the necessary things for the process. 

  • HDMI cable
  • USB-C Converter
  • USB-A Converter 


For your ease, we have broken down the process into four easy steps that you can gradually follow to turn your laptop screen into ps4 remote play. 

Step 1: Download The Game Capture Application

The very first step is to download the game capture application as per the requirements. Either you have Windows or MacBook, you will find applications for both. Download and install the one that meets your needs. 

Step 2: Connect Your Capture Card with a Laptop

Here you will be using the HDMI cable to connect your capture card with a laptop. Insert ps4 into HDMI outport, and a capture card will be connected to the HDMI inport. A C-port in the capture card is designed to transmit video signals to the laptop monitor. Now insert the USB-C port in the capture card while keeping the USB-A port in the laptop. 

In this way, your computer will supply power to your capture card signal. Once you have done connecting your laptop with the capture card, cross-check all the ports to make sure that they are accurately connectedensure. 

Step 3: Launch The Game Capture App

Once you have connected them all, the laptop, capture card, and PS4, now it’s time to launch your game capture card. Sometimes it takes time to process over signals, thereby keep patience in receiving signals. In case of any hassle, you can go to the manual process to set up a game capture card launch. Open the game capture card setting option, go to the gear icon and pick the ps4 asking upon choosing the gaming device. 

Step 4:  It’s Ready To Serve You As PS4 Remote Play

Now your laptop is ready to serve you. Enjoy the PS4 without a remote play controller. This means that now your keyboard would work as a remote controller for your PS4. However, using a keyboard as an alternative to PS4 remote play is not very exciting, but it can be a better option when you don’t have a remote play. 

Wrap Up!

It has become relatively easy for you to play ps4 on your laptop without having a gaming remote. It’s not limited to ps4 you can play any game on your laptop while following these easy to uphold step-by-step guides. Sometimes it won’t perform as smoothly as the PS4 remote, but you can get a significant amount of pleasure and excitement with a keyboard using as an input device. It’s a portable solution, especially when you can’t take your heavy-desktop pc, take your capture card, and laptop. If you have any query drop us a message, we will get back to you shortly.


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