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Modern laptops are lighter in weight and price, and that’s all possible just because they don’t have CD/DVD drives! Which means that you can’t install new software anymore?

But this is not the case! There are multiple other ways through while using them you can install new software. When I purchased a new laptop for me, the crucial thing that struck my mind was that there is no CD/DVD drive, and how will I install my desired software?

To cater to my needs, I spend hours researching and finding out using external drives and USB. I can install new software on my laptop. Besides this, some other ways can be helpful in this regard. So this guide is all about exploring those ways through which you can fetch some new software to your brand new laptop device. 


Laptops come with a USB port; while using that port, you can plug any external CD/DVD drive by following these easy steps. 

  • Plug USB cable inside the USB port of your laptop
  • Go through the documentation that you receive and the USB CD/DVD drive to get proper instruction for the process. 
  • If you have installed a drive now, you can insert the software CD/DVD to install the required software. 


If you have any device with a built-in CD/ DVD drive, you can copy the required software in a USB thumb drive to transfer to a laptop with no CD/DVD drive. If you don’t know how to, follow these steps.

  • Insert the disk into the CD/DVD drive.
  • Select all the files and folders you need to install. 
  • Plug the USB thumb drive into the laptop with CD/ DVD drive.
  • Open the USB thumb drive manually as it will not appear through autoplay.
  • Make a new folder and paste all the essential files and folders from CD Drive
  • Once the transfer is complete, close the window and remove the thumb drive.
  • Now insert the USB thumb drive in your laptop that does not have a CD/DVD drive and paste the files.
  • Open the transferred folder and proceed with the installation.


This method is helpful once you have many laptops without the CD/DVD Drive, especially in an office environment. The first step is to set a wireless network among laptops and the PC/laptop having the CD/DVD Drive. Once the network is successfully established, all the laptops connected to a similar framework can access the shared drive. Now the laptop with the CD/DVD Drive on the network can share the drive for everyone.

Downloading the Software Online

The downloading software method is very common, and you don’t require any extra USB flash or laptop. Nowadays, fast internet service is available everywhere, and you can download the latest version of your required software from free and paid websites. The majority of software you can download works fine, and the paid software is available with a trial or demo version as well.

Wrap Up

The article has mentioned four easy and quick methods to install software on a laptop without CD/ DVD Drive. People like to carry small and easy laptops, and they should not compromise or pay extra for the CD drive; due to modern technology, you are not bound to old hardware and perform many software functions via wireless networking or external USB support. Feel free to ask if you still have any questions about software installation or the article.


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