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Are you tired of having headphone hair after using the headphone for a longer period? In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of headphone hair and what can be done to avoid the situation in the future!

Gone are the days when you used to be worrying about the dent on hairs due to the headphone! Here we have formulated a step-by-step guide to help you fix your headphone hairs immediately.

After using the headphone for a more extended period, put a dent on the area where you placed it. It can be an awkward movement, especially when you have to attend an urgent meeting.  We usually try to combine them back with our hands but taming like this seems useless sometimes.

But before that, let’s discuss!


Earphones are worn preposterous, with a headband interfacing its two ear cushions. When worn for quite a long time, this headband can apply tension on the hair and scalp, leveling the hair around there.

Considering how close earphones typically are, this turns out to be significant to a greater degree issue. The headband’s pressing factor upon your hair can likewise strain your hair skin and cause harm. Moving around with tight earphones can similarly pull on the hair. With prolonged use, your hair may break or tumble off because of these components.


Initially, it seems like there is no way to fix them up quickly, but this is not the case; you can fix them permanently with some easy fixing steps.


Water is the cheapest ingredient to get your dented hair fix in no time! It is not just used to uplift your flattered hairs but also give any style to your hairs. You can put some water on your hair and let the water dry. It will give your hairs an extra volume and removes the headphone hairs. Here is the right way to apply water on headphone hairs.

  • Put some water on your hairs
  • Comb it profoundly all around
  • Give it any style of your choice
  • Let them dry!
  • You can also use spray bottles for drying them up.


If you don’t have water and a comb to reduce headphone hair, you can style up your hair. There are three common styles that you can use to remove the flatters. First, the ruffling, Changing your dented hair parts, you can type them up to give a style.

Unsettling the hair assists lift with increasing your hair strands while giving your hair more volume. This strategy is more successful if you wet your hands before preceding ruffling the hair to make it simpler to style.

You can likewise select to part your hair in an alternate manner—this aids secluded from everything the segment of your hair that got leveled by your earphone band. Changing your hairdo, in the meantime, can disguise earphone hair by concealing it totally or covering it with a style that makes it less perceptible.


Applying hair products helps in giving you a quick but reliable solution to style your hair.

Styling gels are first on the rundown—they’re easy to apply, and they give fast outcomes. In addition, styling gels hold the hair set up, which implies a decent choice for unflattering your hair, getting it back to its classic look, and holding it back from returning down.

If styling gels aren’t your thing, and you have a touch of time in your grasp, you can utilize a fixing iron or a hairdryer. Fixing irons use heat to change the hair’s design briefly.


There are some other tricks that you can use to avoid headphone hairs, even using them for a long time.

  • Drop the headband to the rear of your head or underneath the chin.
  • Somewhat change earphone band situation when being used.
  • Go for longer hair or no hair by any stretch of the imagination.


Indeed, that is all you require to think about fixing and forestalling earphone hair. Follow this guide, and you will not need to stress over having a messy hair day all just due to wearing earphones.

Let us know about your valuable option about the tricks that we have mentioned.


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