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Have you accidentally thrown your wireless earbuds in the water? If yes, then without wasting a minute, go through our guide to fix the water-damaged headphones and make sure a speedy recovery.

If a water droplet falls inside the beats, the chances are you will ultimately lose them, but with few ingenious steps, you can manage to save them as well.

Stick to our emergency recovery guide right below!

What Should We Do In An Emergency?

The very first thing is not to freeze, don’t try to test the water damaged earbuds, and don’t give it a treatment of hair dryer, yet this is not the solitary thing you need to do; you need to dry your earbuds quickly by following the underneath steps helpful in wiping out any conceivable harm that your headphones could get.

Following are the things you should strictly avoid when your headphones get damaged in water.

  • Do not try to use them even for testing.
  • Do not end up using a hairdryer to dry out droplets
  • Do not put the damaged headphones inside the oven or Microwave
  • Do not waste time doing silly tricks


STEP 1: Remove The Headphone Cover!

The foremost step is to remove any cover, whether rubber, foam, or silicon. Place them on tissue paper and let them dry. Now turn your full intention towards the internal components of, you can say, hardware.

STEP 2: Open The Headphone’s Part

This will be a significant step; you need to disassemble your earbuds to expose their internal parts and prepare them to step 3, where the distilled water is.

It’s an important step to proceed to step 3! Modern devices, even the Bluetooth headphones, have easy to disassemble the body that would only require a simple screwdriver to open the plastic body cap. So now you can work on the exposed components.

Expert Note: Do not try to open if you have headphones from Apple. They join the parts using glue, and disassembling them would end up losing them forever. Hence the Apple user is recommended to proceed to step 3 of this guide directly.

STEP 3: Deionized Or Use Distilled Water

Using distilled water, or you can also name it, deionized water is safe to be used for electronics.

Take your earbuds that had splashed with water and put them into a glass loaded up with distilled water and shake it for a while; The motivation why you do that is to blend the soaked water with the distilled water, and by constant shaking it, at last, there will be just distilled water inside the component.

STEP 4: Shake For Some Time

Once you have done with distilled water treatment, the next step is to shake them several times. Shaking will help you to remove water droplets. Now put them in the drying process. But never try to dry them up with a hairdryer. You can use an air blower but make sure to hold the process from a distance because an air blower can ruin your device.

STEP 5: Keep Them Inside The Rice Bag For Up To 48 Hours

It is the most exciting feature I have ever come across. Uncooked rice can be utilized as a desiccant. At the point when you put your earbuds straightforwardly into a bit of a sack of rice granules, the rice will ingest dampness after some time. On top of that, it does work too. Keep your earbuds inside the uncooked rice bag for almost 48 hours. Follow all the given steps and don’t miss a single, including keeping them inside the rice bag.


It is common to miss headphones in a pocket, and you have washed your shirt without noticing. Besides this, your Bluetooth earbuds or Airpod dropped into water while running. Still, there are chances you can get back your headphones like previously. Follow our step-by-step guide and let us know if it works for you in the comment box.


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