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You are pumping up the beats, and all of a sudden, your stereo pops! And, when we say it pops, we don’t mean it in a good way. A speaker making popping noises is a common problem for home theater owners.

Nothing feels more embarrassing than having your speakers make crackling sounds when you are trying to show them to your friends. Even in your daily lives, you do not want your speakers to sound bad.

Then, what’s the solution? Well, to fix your speakers making a popping noise, you need to investigate the apparent root cause.

When you know the cause, you will know how to fix your speakers.

Speakers to make Crackling or Popping

What can cause speakers to make crackling or popping noises?

There could be many reasons for this issue. To make identification easier, I have listed down the most common ones.

  •  Bad placement: One of the biggest reasons for speakers making crackling noises is bad positioning. If your speakers are not reproducing clear audio, then try placing them away from the subwoofer. When speakers are too close to the subwoofer, they may sound fuzzy or unclear.
  •  Electronic interference: If a speaker makes popping or cracking sounds, you should check the type of electronic devices you have around it. Sometimes, electronic interference from other devices can cause speaker-related issues.
  •  Bad circuitry: Home theatre systems tend to have a lot of wiring going around. Plus, a bad audio jack can also cause speaker problems like popping noises. Wires with minor splits can also be the reason behind this common home theater issue.
  • Internal speaker issues: Even if you have not moved your speakers around, there still can be an internal wiring issue caused by frequent use of high volume.

If your speakers are making popping or crackling noises, then you should always check for the common issues (as discussed above) to narrow down the probable cause. This way, it will be easy for you to understand and fix the problem.

How to fix crackling speakers that make popping noises?

In this section, we discuss how to fix this familiar speaker issue. As it is a fairly common problem, you will be able to remedy this situation quickly.

  • Correct your subwoofer placement: Before checking the wire connection, we recommend you move your speakers away from the subwoofer to fix the crackling noise issue. Very easy to do!
  • Remove electronic interference: First up, check if your WiFi router is near your subwoofer or speakers. The lights from the router can create minor disturbances. Check for other electronic devices as well. Again, it’s an easy fix!
  • Switch speakers: If you hear popping noises from one side, switch the speakers to know where the fault lies. By doing this, you will be able to pinpoint if your problem lies with the wiring or the speaker. In some cases, the issue gets resolved by just switching the speakers. However, if the problem persists, move to the next solution, as discussed below.
  • Clean your amp circuitry: Plug in your speakers and turn on the power. Don’t play anything. Just turn up the volume and then down. If you hear disturbances, then you should unplug in everything. Gently open your amplifier and clean up the potentiometer (volume control, bass control, etc.) with a deoxidizing spray. While at it, clean the jacks and connectors as well. Wait a few minutes before plugging in. The issue should be resolved. If you are not confident about doing this, then you should contact a professional.
  • Check your wires: If you cleaned up your amp recently, you should check the cables, especially the ends with connectors. Plugin your speakers and wiggle the cord around to check. If you hear crackling noises, you should get the connectors checked. Alternatively, you can sort out this issue by replacing the wires.
  • Check the internal connections of your speaker: If you are not comfortable at doing this, then contact a speaker repairing expert. Sound is generated in a waveform, which means there will be movement. Speakers vibrate while reproducing sounds. This means there is always a chance of getting a wire disconnected. In some cases, internal circuit (IC) malfunctions, and you end up with speakers making a fuzzy sound. Very rarely, a bad capacitor can cause hissing sounds. All of these issues can be fixed. In most cases, a speaker repair professional can fix these issues easily.

How to fix speaker static?

If you are getting a static sound from your speakers or the sound is fuzzy, you should do the following:

  • Check the wires: Wiggle the cables, and if you hear static or buzzing noises, then replace the wiring and connectors.
  • Clean out the amp or internal volume connectors: Use a deoxidizing spray to remove dust and grime from the internal connectors. Just be careful! If you are not okay with doing this, get a professional.
  • Check the speaker internals: Check for any apparent disconnections. See if the cone is not damaged or broken. In most cases, a speaker specialist can fix such issues.


Final Word

Fixing your speaking issues depends on the root cause of the problem. If you are facing such a problem, create a checklist, and attempt the easy fixes first. If the situation persists, you may have to call a specialist for some expert help.


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