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The invention of Bluetooth and wireless technology has brought a significant change in everyone’s life. There was a time when you had to bear all the messy wires, but now you connect your devices wirelessly. From smartphones to smart TVs, you don’t have to tangle with long wires anymore then why not having a wirelessly connected projector system?

You can connect your projector to multiple smart devices without having to deal with cables. If you haven’t performed before, then this guide is all made for you. Here we will be sharing a process that one can uphold to connect their projector wirelessly. If you are ready, then let’s get started!


You can use multiple apps to achieve wireless connection. If your projector cannot connect with WIFI, then the best option is to buy a wireless dongle. A wireless dongle allows you to connect with your projector using the USB connector or so that you can link them to your wireless router. That’s how you can send signals to your wireless media.

Using a dongle eliminates the purpose of using cords, and that’s how you can work wirelessly on your projector. When choosing the dongle, we would suggest you buy Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2, a reliable option that won’t let you wait and works faster. Before purchasing a dongle, make sure to consider the following things!

  • It should support a tablet/ projector.
  • It should have the capability to fix the resolution.
  • It should have minimum leg time.


Once you have gathered your required accessories, including the dongle, follow these simple steps to go wirelessly.

Step 1: Plug Your Dongle Device Into An HDMI Port!

  • Turn off your computer in order to plug your dongle into an HDMI port.
  • As in some cases, your setup instructions demand you to turn the dongle off, then you must follow their instructions.
  • Once you have inserted the dongle into your HDMI port, now turn your dongle on before anything else.
  • Now turn the power of your projector on.

Step 2: Connect To Your WIFI Connection

  • Check for your dongle device whether it supports WIFI or not.
  • If it supports, make sure that your dongle is connected to the same WIFI connection as your tablet or pc.
  • Give your dongle a unique name (If you have many devices, then giving a unique name will help you find the right device)

Step3: Unable Miracast To Choose The Tablet Receiver

  • If you are using a table, find a Miracast option under the display option of your setting menu.
  • If you are using a device from Apple, then go to the menu button and find the Enable Wireless Display option.
  • A list of showing available receivers in the area will pop up; click on your dongle connection.
  • The screen on your tablet will now start appearing on your projector.


Transforming your projector into wireless is straightforward, regardless of whether you have relatively little specialized ability. Taking out cords is particularly useful, especially when you have a roof-mounted projector, and it can give you much more opportunity as far as how you set up your home theater. It can likewise make it significantly simpler to switch between devices; simply disable Miracast on your tablet and enable it on your smartphone or PC, and the screen will switch over. If you’ve been putting off investigating a remote projector since you figure it will be interesting or costly, we hope that our guide will be a helpful initiative to at least try this out.


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