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Are you a game lover who wants to avail yourself of 360-degree gaming exposure with friends on a big screen? Then you have got the right place to kick start!

Nintendo Wii is a widely recognized device that gamers are using worldwide. Here we will guide you profoundly to connect your Wii console with a standard projector.

Being the best-selling Nintendo console of all time, the Wii console only requires a few simple steps, and everything will be acceptable to go! It doesn’t end here; if you haven’t used Nintendo and will have it the first time, this will be an article full of adventure.

Let’s dive into it!


A well-recognized gaming console manufactured by Nintendo has gained tremendous popularity over time. It was first released in 2006. On purchasing a Nintendo, you will receive the following accessories in the box.

  • The Nintendo Wii System
  • The Wii Nunchuck
  • Nintendo Wii Remote controllers
  • An AC Cable
  • Sensor Bar
  • A standard AV adapter

However, you can connect Nintendo Wii with your projector. It can indeed double your fun than playing on a TV. Nintendo Wii console comes with multiple ports that you can use to connect the console to your projector or any other device. The given ports may include two USB ports on the backside to connect USB hubs using these ports. Besides this, you will find video output and power connectors as well.

If your projector has the A/V connection, then your Wii console will outperform any other devices. But the latest models feature HDMI instead of A/V connections.


  • One must comprehend the following things before upholding the connecting process.
  • The sound system must be connected using A/V or HDMI to your gaming console.
  • Always place your projector in a position to avoid any distortion, whether you have a ground ceiling or floor ceiling.
  • There are multiple methods to connect Wii; pick the one that suits best with your set up.


We have divided the entire process into four easy steps that you can follow to get the job done.

Step 1: Connecting Nintendo Wii Console To A Projector

  • You can modify some kind of Wii, and you can then connect them with an AV output port. However, in another case, you can use HDMI or composite cables to join them.
  •  If you are using composite capable and your device doesn’t have a graphic chipset, you must need a component video cable.
  • Connect your Wii AV port to your projector’s AV port.

Step 2: Connect Computer To Projector Using HDMI Or Component Video Cord

  • As discussed above, you would have to buy a component video cable without an integrated graphic chipset.
  • Connect HDMI to your computer & then the projector’s HDMI input port.
  • In the case of component cable, connect red, green, and blue ports to their colored match in the computer.
  • To hear sound from Nintendo, you would need to connect your headset with your Wii.

Step 3: Turn The Power Button On

  • After you have connected them all, then power them on as well.
  • Once you have connected computer, Nintendo Wii, and projector, they turn the button on.
  • If your Nintendo receives a green light signal, you can start playing your game or anything you want.

Step 4: Check Your Connection

  • Connect your internet to check websites that you browse on your computer.
  • You should also check for DVDs that you can play on your projector using HDMI.


Now you would have a better idea of connecting the Wii to a projector. In case of any error, you can directly place a call to your Nintendo customer support. If the issue relates to your Wii console, then you can also check for the warranty time to get a better replacement or repairing. We hope that you may have a smooth and hassle-free connection anywhere at any time. Enjoy a good meet-up with friends.


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