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A laptop docking system is used to connect more than one desktop utilizing that system. There are multiple ways to connect desktops, but laptop docking is preferred for its user-friendly nature, a limited number of ports, or adding some external ports directly to the system. 

But before going into in-depth detailing, let’s have a short review of the docking system!

What is a docking system? It’s a device allowing multiple desktop pcs and related accessories to form a setup while connecting through a single point using a laptop. 

It enables a laptop to access connected devices, including monitors, keyboards, mouse, printers, and audio devices. Besides this, you can easily connect and disconnect your laptop from a docking system while using a single port called a docking port—the purpose of using a docking station to provide you a desktop pleasure right on your portable laptop. 

This is why it is called a perfect connecting system while comparing to others. If you want to connect multiple monitors with a laptop using a docking station but don’t have any idea about the process, scroll till the end as we have developed that step-by-step guide for you. 

Let’s get into it!


STEP 1:  Check The Available Ports

The type of ports used in a monitor depends upon the age & model on your monitor of your model. Hence make sure that the ports built-in your monitor matches with the port used in your docking station. Following are the commonly used ports,

  • VGA
  • DVI
  • HDMI
  • DisplayPort

Ensure that your docking port is functionally working if your laptop has two ports which means that your card can easily transmit singles, and if your laptop has a single port, it would be pretty hard to uphold the connection effectively. If you want to proceed with your docking station, look for multimedia mode, which will help you build a strong connection among three different monitors. 

If the ports used in your monitor do not match with your docking station, you can go for the adaptors. 

STEP 2:  Check The Compatible Video Card

Although you have checked that there are three different ports, but you can’t connect them simultaneously, we are requested to keep a check on the compatibility of the video card that will help you display multiple monitors simultaneously. 

You can directly plug the cable inside the monitor and then click on the start menu, and here comes the option of a display where you can change the display setting by clicking on them. 

Presently the display settings will check for the numerous displays accompanying some debilitated and some empowered as the display. Again there will be some others that will be broadened or filling in as an auxiliary display. 

Now you can go to the option for advanced display setting and check how many monitors are connected to go further. 

STEP 3: Keep Check On Graphic Card Setting

Now you have to find a graphic card’s model number and manufacturer, and for this, you need to go to a display manager. For this, click on open it, expand the display manager, and note down the required manufacturer and model number. If you cannot find it, you can also use another alternative for this, go to daisy chain setup, or go to display link setup for this. 

STEP 4: Connect Your Monitors Using A Laptop Docking System

Connecting multiple monitors to a laptop requires additional accessories, and that is called a USB display adapter. If you have the USB display adapter now, you can connect that display adapter with the USB port that you will have attached with the laptop adaptor. But before upholding the attachment process, make sure that the port is DVI or VGA type. 

Now you have set up three monitored successfully, but ensure that you have placed them ergonomically for smooth handling. 

Wrap Up.

If you follow these steps, you will connect your three monitors to the laptop docking station. This feature is helpful to assure you a smooth run of your business where multi-tasking operations are hard to handle. Besides this, the arrangement is also beneficial for everyone with their personal and office uses. However, you can follow numerous other ways for such a setup.


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