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A few months back, my little one threw the laptop from the top when it was on charge. Thankfully the body was saved, but the screen got some cracks over there. I decided to replace the cracked screen but didn’t know how much it cost to repair a laptop screen when it is broken or cracked. 

When searching online and on the market, I realized the cost for repairing a screen varies from brand to brand, model of your laptop, and of course, the size also matters. Besides this, expensive laptops would require more bucks compared to mid-range and cheap brands. 

However, this quick guide is mainly based on my personal experience, and if you want your screen to get repaired, it will be helpful not only in estimating the cost but also in picking the right screen. So, without wasting minutes, let’s get into it!

But before, let us address a commonly asked question!


Although repairing a screen requires sufficient excellence or expertise to uphold the procedure successfully, repairing is relatively cost-effective compared to purchasing a whole new laptop device. If you don’t have the expertise, you can hire a technician to perform them efficiently for you. Although you would have to pay a technician, the cost would be way affordable than a new laptop. 

We suggest you go for a new one only if the laptop is too old or if you were about to purchase a one in the replacement.

If you can’t afford to buy a brand new cutting-edge machine paying few bucks for screen preparation would work longer to save money for a new laptop in the long run. 

Analyze The Problem

If your screen got cracked due to some damages, you would be pretty sure about it, but some display problems have their root cause to other hardware, just like the flickering of the screen, freezing the screen, or black screen issues. While diagnosing the root cause, check your hardware because such screen issues have nothing to do with screen repairing. 

Before proceeding further, take some time to diagnose the problem as it will save you time and money. 

If you own a monitor at home, your first conclusion step is simple. Connect your monitor with a screen, and watch how it performs. If the monitor shows similar glitches you saw on your laptop screen, this is indisputable evidence that your issues aren’t screen-related. This is essential information about depicting your concern, the easiest and preferable detection method of us. 


Once you have efficiently detected the root cause and found that your screen needs to be replaced, the concern arises whether you can fix it yourself? However, it is possible to get the repairing done, but generally, it is not recommended due to the three main reasons that come in the form of,

  • The required equipment
  • The required parts 
  • Laptop specifications 

The Required Equipment

Repairing is not accessible if you don’t have the required gear to remove the cracked screen and to fix the new one. Besides this, these tools need professional handling, and a person with little experiencing can put severe damages while repairing it. 

The required Parts 

Laptops are versatile in models, and the entire replacement process demands timely access to the replacement. 

Laptop Specifications 

As discussed above, laptops are versatile devices, and each comes with its specification, which means that holding the replacement process while having some generic chunks of information is not sufficient. 


Screen Talk and Techyuga are identified and reputable names when it comes to estimating the repairing cost online. Visit the Screen Talk here you will find a search bar for products. Enter your laptop model in the provided field. If you have asked for a price from your technician now, you can compare the technician’s worth with the price that Screen Talk shows you. 

Sites may tell you 40 to 200 dollars, whereas local technicians may charge you 100 to 500 dollars. Now you can decide whether you visit a technician or you would better go for home repairing. 


Replacing laptop screens has become common at homes too. If you have done it before, it can be easy for you to hold the process smoothly, and you can also save bucks. But if you don’t have proper knowledge, we would suggest you hire a professional for this. To get in touch for top-in-line tech-related hacks, tricks and tips, connect with us!


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