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Ghostly Greetings!

With trick-or-treating just around the corner, having your cameras and photographic spots ready is as important as dressing up on Halloween. After all, what is Halloween without some spooky photos for a significant Instagram spam?

Are you enthusiastic about spooky photography but are tired of the old tricks everyone has been using for years to a point it is no longer fun? Have you tried all the Halloween photoshoot ideas on Pinterest as well? If yes, then we got you covered. We have compiled a list of the best Halloween photoshoot ideas to capture those magical and mystical moments on the streets and your home.

Halloween Pictures

How to Get Good Halloween Pictures?

Read below to know about our tips for petrifying Halloween night photography and get your cameras ready because it’s Halloween, and everyone is entitled to a good scare.

Choose a Location Beforehand

Choosing a perfect location beforehand can make a significant impact on your final image. It is essential to take pictures in an area that complements the costume as it adds a dramatic effect.

You can choose a location and take photos before going trick-or-treating because you are less likely to get time after that. Unlike what most people think, it is always better to shoot before dark if you want to capture all the details of the costume. You can get good Instagram-worthy photos in the light with your cell phone too if you do not have a professional camera.

You can choose an abandoned place for a photo shoot as well, especially if you have a theme decided. If you want a haunting blue effect, try shooting during the blue hour. A spooky background will give strong Halloween vibes but of course, going inside abandoned places is not recommended at all!

If you are shooting in your backyard or your home, don’t forget to clear the background from stuff like chairs and tables. A stuffy environment never gives the desired results.

Use High ISO After Dark

If you want to shoot in the dark or the sun went down while you were dressing up, it is recommended to use high ISO for a shoot in the night. With a high ISO setting, the camera sensor is more responsive to light and so needs less light to reach the sensor.

High ISO setting works better in new and high-end camera models. Most mirrorless cameras and modern DSLRs can handle high ISO and deliver good quality images. You can also flash in some cases, but it is always better to use a little flash because an intense flash might ruin the photos.

Try a Tripod

If you are looking for sharper images, do not forget to use a tripod. Using a tripod while going trick-or-treating might not be ideal as you would have to carry it all the way around the block with your treat buckets.

You can set up your camera with long shutter speed, and the tripod will help you capture more controlled spooky pictures. Having a tripod can be very useful for Halloween party photography. It will allow you to capture some of the most random yet best images.


What is Halloween without jack-o-lanterns inside and outside your house? If you do pumpkin carving at your home, it is a must to document it. You can take pictures and make videos while the kids are doing it.

After it is done, find a perfect spot to put them on and light candles inside. It is always tricky to get the right photo of a jack-o-lantern because of the lighting inside it. If you notice that the one candle is not enough, feel free to light a couple more inside. You can take a number of shots and then select the best ones later.

If you are photographing in the light, you can use fun photography tools such as a smoke bomb. Put the smoke bomb in the pumpkin and take continuous shots using a tripod. You can use smoke bombs of different colours such as orange or black, whichever goes with your theme.

Remember to use these tools outside, and they are dangerous inside the home.


Apart from a planned photo shoot, it is always fun to observe and take random photos of fairies and little monsters roaming around the block. You can capture creepy moments using blur and desaturate the images to make them look even scarier.

You can shoot from unnatural angles to catch the attention of viewers. While photographing people, try shooting from a very low angle as this will make them look scarier and more significant. If you want to incorporate the surroundings as well, you can try to take photos from a distance.

Remember, low lighting is the key to get spooky photos. Always focus on the lighting, and you can also try editing the images black and white.

One of the best ways to capture such holidays merely is standing outside and being an observer. You will find tens of random moments to capture and quickly to snap those moments would bring you some of the best photos of the entire night.

And for the Wrap

We have listed the best tips and tricks to take spooky photos on Halloween evening this year above. Halloween is indeed one of the most memorable events of the year, and you surely do not want to end up having bad photos. The tips mentioned above can also be used to photograph the fantastic evenings of October if you love the Autumn season.

We witch you a happy Halloween!


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