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It does work with Netflix, but you need to do some finagling to uphold the entire process! Although it somehow depends on your converter, some converters won’t allow you to stream anything from your mobile to Projector or TV regarding digital content protection. However, it requires a splitter or an app that will make the process smooth for you.

If you are here to find a solution to make lightning to HDMI work with Netflix, you have to bypass the HDCP with copyright given from the websites or app to show your content from iPhone to Projector.

Here the question is how to bypass HDCP 101 To Connect Projector via iPhone?

Process To Bypass HDCP 101 Via iPhone!

Netflix can run on specific projectors through a Lightning to HDMI connection when they utilize particular applications. For instance, the Nebula Capsule projectors utilize the Nebula Manager application to play Netflix on them when typically the HDCP keeps media sources like iPhones from reflecting protected substances.

How To Link iPhone To The Projector?

To begin with, get an extra HDMI cord. From that point, join the iPhone to the HDMI splitter through the Lightning to HDMI converter. Later hook the HDMI splitter to your Projector (this likewise applies to the HDTV).

While rebooting the iPhone, you can probably remove the HDCP error to enjoy non-stop streaming on TV. You can also connect the splitter to another gadget, for example, an HDTV or HDMI screen.

How TO Deal With HDCP?

Here you would require an HDCP Stripper, or you can also use the analog cable that will help you disable HDCP. When it comes to consoles for gaming, there are even approaches to deactivate HDCP employing framework settings. Here you will be given a complete process to disable HDCP.

Bypass Using Analog Cable

Although you can discard the HDCP restriction via analog cable, the image can get you downscaled. Associate your media source—connect your iPhone with WIFI to stream Netflix—with an HDMI to analog cord rather than an HDMI cord. Subsequently, associate that to your Projector. However, it will also apply to your HDTV or HDMI screen.

Turn The HDCP Off

It would be best if you disabled the HDCP security of your iPhone. When it comes to PS4, go to the system setting and turn off the given enabled HDCP option.If you have got an error of  “Can’t Start the Application. In case of any error, you can later turn it on as per the process requirement.

We’re currently endeavoring to change a few settings here to reflect your iPhone’s Netflix to your Projector if the converter you have contains an HDCP stripper or deactivator button present to smooth out the interaction.

Buy an HDMI & HDCP Stripper

You can visit  Amazon, eBay to purchase about a $13 HDMI splitter with an HDCP stripper. From that point, you jury-rig, improvise or daisy-chain your Lightning to HDMI converter with the splitter to strip away the HDCP , and end up with a reflected Netflix feed from your iPhone to your Projector.


There are multiple things that you need to look for before upholding the entire process. In this regard, we have mentioned them so that you may have a flash of error lightning to HDMI linked to an HDMI splitter.

  • Avoid the Daisy-Chain
  • Choose A Good Quality Stripper
  • Purchase Stripper With 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

AirPlay & Downscaled Videos

Some have utilized AirPlay through the Apple TV to associate a projector to your iPhone to stream Netflix. In any case, Apple and Netflix have disposed of that usefulness.

The Airplay Route

This probably won’t turn out; however, for quite a while, you additionally have the alternative to reflect the Netflix feed on your iPhone to an Apple TV, which you would then be able to mirror to your Projector. This can work if your Projector is viable with the Apple TV and it can remember it.

Downscale On HDCP Strippers

A simple connection brings about downscaling of that size and then some, so to limit the downsize in quality, get a Lightning to segment converter and interface with a projector with a segment yield.


The particular patch that finished Netflix for Lightning to HDMI connections via iPhone and Projector is the iOS 11 operating system. This forestalls protected content to play on your Projector, HDTV, screen, or some other HDMI gadget out there.  You need to, in any case, have the option to play Netflix through an Apple telephone connection; you need to explore the right procedures or purchase the right stuff. Apple tends to discover approaches to fix out these provisos. They genuinely don’t need iPhone to Projector streaming except if it’s for non-protected recordings on YouTube.


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