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Watches are never out of fashion. The designs and technology have evolved over time, but they still are a perfect display of artistry, add value to your outfit, and project an image of who you are.

However, watches are considered to be a luxury while the cell phones are a necessity. If people were to pick one out of watch and cellphones, they would definitely pick the cell phone since it shows the time alongside offering hundreds of other features.

If you struggle between choosing one of these two essentials, having a smartwatch might solve the problem. Smartwatches are not a new invention. The first smartwatch was introduced in the year 1998, the rupture. It has six functional buttons and a 102×64 pixel monochrome LCD. This basic smartwatch was priced at $285, which was a lot then and even today. But if you need a smartwatch today, you can get one with plenty of functions in just under $100.

The smartwatches in the market today are perfect for fitness enthusiasts, businessmen, and even the students. They do not just make you look classy and stylish but you can also text, call, set reminders, track your activities, and do much more.

Yamay smartwatch ip68


The Yamay smartwatch offers several different colour options and gives out a premium look. It can be easily mistaken for a much higher priced smartwatch than the current price. The colours used are very vibrant, which makes the watch look good overall. The watch is made from both plastic and rubber and has an HD screen. The screen offers three different brightness settings, and you can adjust the brightness on the screen according to your preference.

At the back of the watch, you will find three dots where the charger connects.


The watch activates automatically with motion. You can swipe through the home screen to view statistics such as distance travelled and calories. The watch notifies whenever you will receive a text message, email, or call. The notifications can be seen by swiping the screen down. You can also change the layout of the home screen if you want.

Swiping left from the home screen will give you some other options to play with such as automatic heart rate detection, do not disturb mode, find my phone, and motion enabler. Swiping right will give you several options like sport modes, alarm, and relax mode. You can also control the music as well as set timers on this watch.

If you want to sync the smartwatch with your phone, you would have to download the VeryFitPro app which is available on both Andriod and iOS. Since this app is waterproof, you can keep wearing it while swimming as well. It takes around two hours to charge fully but once charged; it can run for almost 7-10 days, which is incredible.


The Yamay smartwatch ip68 is one of the best options in the market, especially for fitness enthusiasts. It offers impressive battery life with a wide range of features to choose from.


  • The band can be replaced
  • Sensitive touch screen
  • Amazing battery life


  • Does not synchronise with Tablets, iPads, or PCs

Fitness Smartwatch by Amazfit Bip


The Amazfit watch offers a large colour variety and looks somewhat like the Apple smartwatch. It is the successor of the original Bip watch, and the manufacturers have improved several features. It is made out of polycarbonate, unlike the Apple Watch, which makes the price difference very clear.

It weighs 1.10 ounces and is designed to be extremely lightweight, which makes it perfect for everyday use. It comes with a gorilla three touch screen and has a resolution of 176 by 176 pixels. The low resolutions screen can feel a bit unclear indoors.

The silicon straps that come with the watch are replaceable, so if you prefer leather or metal straps, you can buy them separately. The button can activate the watch at the side of the screen, and then you can swipe through the screen to see the options.


This watch has a heart rate sensor, barometer, GPS, and accelerometer, which is impressive for a watch at this price. The basic features include:

  • Heart rate tracking
  • Calories/ steps/ distance
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Phone notification

You can track your sleep activity, distance covered, and even monitor your heartbeat. If you want to receive the phone notifications such as the text messages and calls, you can simply connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. Another feature that distinguishes this watch from its competitors is its battery life. It can run for 45 days after charging it completely.

The tracking capabilities of this watch are not 100% accurate, but it does the job reasonably well. While setting up the watch for the first time, you will have to connect it with an app called Mi Fit.


The Amazefit watch is a good fitness tracker. It offers incredible battery life and is very lightweight to wear for everyday use.


  • Built-in GPS and Bluetooth
  • Lightweight
  • 45-day battery life


  • Limited sports modes

Willful Smart Watch IP68 | Compatible with Android and iOS


The Willful smartwatch IP68 comes in a box with a charger cable. The strap of the watch is made of plastic but gives out a premium look. There is one button on the side, and on the back, you will find small dots where you can connect the charger. The back also has a heart rate sensor.

Big chunky bezels surround the LCD screen. The design of this watch is very similar to the Apple smartwatch; only the screen of the Apple watch is a bit smaller than this one.


Before using the watch, you need to install the VeryFitPro app. You can adjust the settings there according to your preference. The button at the side of the screen activates the watch. Swiping down the home screen will you an insight into the number of steps you’ve taken, distance covered, calorie-burning, and a weekly total that combines all the these.

Swiping to the left will bring you to a panel where you have options like heart rate tracking, do not disturb mode, wrist mode, and a find my phone mode. Swiping to the right will present options, including alarm and sports modes. The layout is quite similar to the Yamay ip68 watch because of the application used. It can run for almost seven days after being fully charged.


This watch offers quite a lot of features for the price, and it is highly recommended for people who are always on the go.


  • Great battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Has issues syncing with the app sometimes

Samsung Galaxy SM-R370NZKAXAR


The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch comes in black colour, with a charging cable. Unlike the regular chargers, the charger of this watch has a large stand at one side in which you can plus you galaxy watch for charging. The other end is a USB that can be plugged in your standard wall-charger.

The design of the Galaxy smartwatch is unlike the other smartwatches that offer a square-shaped LCD. This watch feels more like a band, and the rectangular screen is covered with large bezels. There is one button on the side which activates the watch. The screen size is relatively small as compared to the other watches at this price.


To activate the watch for the first time, you would have to download an app on your phone. It is compatible with both Samsung and other Andriod smartphones, iOS 10.0 and above, and iPhone 7 and above. The app also offers the “find my band” feature which, upon pressing, makes the band vibrate loudly and turns the screen on as well.

You can swipe the home screen down to change the watch settings and switch between different modes. You will find the notifications upon swiping left and can also respond to the messages by selecting one of the suggested responses. If you want to add your own responses, you can do it using the phone. The home screen can also be customised.

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy is seven days.


The Samsung Galaxy provides a limited set of features, opposite to what was expected. It can be a good purchase for the beginners but an average one for anyone looking for a professional smartwatch.


  • Good battery life
  • Compatible with almost every mobile device


  • Offers a limited set of features
  • Small screen size

Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker | Fitbit Inspire


The design of the Fitbit Inspire smartwatch is quite different than the other smartwatches in the market. It comes in black colour, and an extra band (large size) is included in the box alongside the charging cable. It is a USB charger with a proprietary connection. The charger is like the one that comes with the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, but the wire is too short.

At the backside of the watch, you will find the heart rate sensor and the charging port. You will find a power button on the side of the screen. It has a simplified monochromatic display in a rectangular screen. If you do not like the silicone bands, you can replace them with any other easily.


To activate the smartwatch, you will have to download the Fitbit app on your phone. The update takes quite a lot of time to finish, so it is better to set the smartwatch when you are free.

This watch offers a wide range of features such as move reminders that will nudge you if you have been sitting too long or silent alarms that would buzz you at certain times. It can track your activity, your steps, swimming, and sleep. You can set up different goals for each day, and it would keep reminding and motivating you to work. It does not track your floors climbed but can track your sleep stages. The sleep stage tracker would help you know when you are in deep sleep or light sleep. It also gives alerts, but you cannot respond or reply to them.

A fully charged Fitbit has a battery life o about 5 days. Charging it fully takes around one to two hours.


Fitbit Inspire HR is one of the best fitness trackers for both men and women. It provides plenty of features and offers a sleek design.


  • Lightweight
  • Accurate sleep-tracking
  • Good battery time


  • Small display

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Smartwatch

If you are thinking of buying a smartwatch but are not sure about what factors to consider to make an informed purchase, we have listed the most important ones below.


The display is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a smartwatch. You don’t want it to be too big that it takes most of the part on your arm and neither too small because it can lead to eyesight issues.

There are several display options available in the market. Apple and Samsung’s smartwatches come with an OLED display, and Oppo offers an AMOLED display while smartwatches by Realme have an LCD display. LCD displays consume more battery as compared to the others.

Smart Applications

Not every smartwatch supports all applications. Apple offers the most applications, while brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Realme are catching up gradually. You should watch the supports the applications that you use the most, like Uber, Whatsapp, and healthcare apps.

Battery Life

You should consider choosing a watch whose battery life matches your needs. The battery life of smartwatches is considerably less than the fitness bands. Watches with LCD also consume battery. Smartwatches by Samsung and Apple have a battery life of upto 20 hours.

The battery life also depends on other factors like brightness and screen usage.


Smartwatches are synonymous with convenience. The technology has evolved and with every passing year, better gadgets are being introduced in the market. If you are looking for a smartwatch that can track your health as well as serves as an assistant in your daily tasks, we have listed some of the best cheap smartwatches available in the market.

If you are looking for a recommendation from us, we would recommend you the fitness watch by Amazefit Bip. It offers a wide range of features including built-in GPS and Bluetooth. The Battery time is 45 days, which is amazing.

For more options, check out our guide about the best smartwatches under $100 above!


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