Keep your kitchen organized and clutter free with this compact and convenient water bottles organizer.


It can be kept on a counter or inside a cabinet or on a pantry shelf to maximize space or in the fridge for your perfect chilled drink. You always know where to find a water bottle with this modern and chic design that goes well with any interior be it your home or any work out facility or gym, bar or wine cellar and ideal for your family picnics and camping nights. The adjustable and easy to clean rack can be used for reusable plastic bottles, travel mugs, baby bottles, wine, soda, fitness drinks and many more. Made of BPA free plastic the shelf is easy snap together set-up and requires absolutely no effort and definitely no tools.


Product Details
Model no. 50185
Colour White
Weight 485 g
Dimensions 19x29x18.8 cm
Material Plastic


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