Suck UK Cat Scratching Toy

How many times have you found your favorite pillow scratched and wrecked? Leave your playful cat home alone and they end up playing with the fluffy stuff they like, either your sofa or a cushion and scratch the life out of it. Well, let’s give them what they need with this Scratching Cardboard Laptop – this will keep them all occupied and creative while they browse through the internet!

Here’s what makes it special:

  1. Cardboard laptop scratching mat for your cat. Easy self-assembly with illustrated instructions included. Comes with a fluffy toy mouse & can be customised by sliding in your own desktop wallpaper!
  2. Fold the durable & sturdy cardboard into the playful structure &watch as your cat begins to type at their own computer. A great scratching alternative to your couch & a funny distraction for your cats!
  3. A unique alternative to other kitty toys & pet accessorys, the laptops deck will turn your favourite pets into computer geeks. Supplied with instructions and easy to assemble, it’s a no brainer!
  4. The purrfect gift for the cat obsessed at Christmas & birthdays! Whether your cat’s hard working or simply enjoys cardboard, the laptops simple design supplies the perfect outlet for cat scratchings.
  5. Measures 32cm (W) x 27cm (H) x 22.5cm (D) – a good size for kittens and cats of all ages. Folds together easily and guaranteed more fun that catnip!
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